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Hi there,
I'm Megan!

Megan is a Registered Dietitian and the founder of the Drop Diabetes Program. She helps people with Type 2 Diabetes create consistent blood sugar without feeling restricted in their life.

Through the Drop Diabetes method, she's helped her clients lower their A1c, reach diabetes remission, and reduce or get rid of medications while enjoying food and having flexibility in their lives.

If you want to...

  • Make confident food choices to get consistent lower blood sugars

  • Know the 3 mistakes that you may be making that are holding you back from lowering your a1c

  • Create consistent blood sugars without feeling restricted

  • Lower your A1c to get off medications and reach diabetes remission

  • Learn the exact methods that have helped so many people go from overwhelmed to confident


Click the button below to watch Megan's powerful free training video.

Ready to apply for the Drop Diabetes Program to see if you're a good fit for working together? You can do that here.


Contact Megan


I'd love to learn about you and see how I can help you reach your diabetes goals.


Phone: (515) 650-1902

Social Media:


If you haven't yet, take advantage of my powerful free training video.

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