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The Drop Diabetes Program was created to simplify getting consistent lower blood sugars with a completely personalized plan and methods you can stick to.

Finally, a sustainable method to reaching diabetes remission.



We SIMPLIFY consistent blood sugar with the Balance and Build plan. This plan is customized to your body’s specific needs and day-to-day schedule so that you can create consistent blood sugars in less than 30 days without feeling like you’re having to stick to a diet.



We STABILIZE the restrictive cycle that keeps you falling off the wagon by following the Blood Sugar Freedom system. We will support you through customized lifestyle changes so you can make confident food choices without constantly second-guessing yourself.



All so that you can live UNRESTRICTED. Your health decisions will be automatic and decisive, so you’ll have the freedom to live your life without worrying about diabetes or needing medication.



To confident and stable

I know that it's impossible to figure out how to eat and manage diabetes with so much conflicting information out there. That's why I created the Drop Diabetes Program to give you a customized plan, all the of the knowledge and support you need to reach diabetes remission and stay there.

-Megan, diabetes dietitian & program founder

The most complete diabetes program out there.

Create consistent blood sugars within 30 days with a customized plan, simplified knowledge of how to manage Type 2, and methods you can stick to for good.

No more following restrictive diets and researching online for advice.

With Drop Diabetes, you get:

  • A completely customized, flexible plan

  • 1:1 support from Megan

  • An on-demand course that packs all of the knowledge and tools you need into a simple framework

  • Group support every single week

  • Outside text support for accountability (from a pro) at your fingertips



One thing I really appreciate is the individual approach Megan uses. So much better than a one size fits all approach I have experienced in the past.

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Megan and her Drop Diabetes Program changed my life.



My blood sugar and A1C has also greatly improved. Megan helped me tighten my blood sugars to target range over 90% of the time.

Interested in Drop Diabetes Program?

Meet the Drop Diabetes Dietitians

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Katie Hickcok,

Katie is a registered dietitian with a background in healthcare, the food industry, and academia. She will bring a unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience to our work at Drop Diabetes. She has focused on providing comprehensive diabetes education to individuals and spent many years working in northern California, empowering diabetic patients to manage their conditions. Katie’s experiences have equipped her with an understanding of the importance of personalized care and how it helps foster positive lifestyle changes in her clients. Katie currently lives in southeastern Idaho with her husband and family. She loves to garden, ferment produce, and ride bikes.

 Megan Koehn,

Megan is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the creator of the Drop Diabetes method. She has specialized in Type 2 and Prediabetes for 7 years, and created the Drop Diabetes Program after seeing the gaps in the healthcare system for people in this category.


She has helped hundreds of people through the Drop Diabetes so far, and is on a mission to change the lives of thousands more people with Type 2.  Her favorite part of her job within the Drop Diabetes Program is getting to watch her clients lower their A1c while getting to enjoy food and feel energetic again. It's so rewarding to share in the energy and happiness that come from helping her clients find long lasting success.


Outside of work, Megan enjoys hiking mountains, skiing down them, and being on the water. She loves her family time, helping others, and travelling. She lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and her 2 kittens, Spruce and Willow.

Frequently asked Q's

What makes the Drop Diabetes Program different? Will I be able to stick to it?

Fortunately, Megan built the Drop Diabetes program to give you a personalized approach that you can confidently stick to. It doesn’t start with a diet, it starts with an education. Using your flexible Balance & Build Plan, you will know what to eat and no longer feel restricted or constantly on a diet. It’s perfect for YOUR lifestyle, so you get long-term results without a rigid plan. Not only will you fully understand what to eat, how to eat, and how to get consistent blood’ll be able to continue this for the rest of your full and healthy life. Because we know that your goal is to lower your A1c for life so that you can have confidence, flexibility, and normalcy.

Will I have to follow a strict diet or give up my favorite foods?

The Drop Diabetes Program promotes balanced, healthy eating rather than strict diets. We tailor a plan to YOU. Our educators help you make informed choices about food while allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods for a sustainable approach that works for you personally, long term.

Can I participate if I have a busy schedule?

Drop Diabetes Program offers flexible scheduling and online resources to accommodate busy lifestyles. You can often tailor your participation to fit your availability and needs. Our goal is to give you a completely personalized approach, to make reaching your diabetes goals EASY.

Should I try to lower my numbers on my own before I join?

Like you, I am a self-motivated person - so we know where you’re at when you want to try doing this on your own, before committing to professional help. In my experience, this causes more self-education and research that leads to overwhelm and frustration, a continued cycle of ups and downs, and delayed success. We know that if you make this commitment to yourself today, you will find success in the Drop Diabetes program in a few short weeks, with results that last a lifetime.

What qualifications do Drop Diabetes instructors have?

Megan is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian, (RDN, LD) and educator, with 8 years of experience specializing in Type 2 Diabetes. As an RDN, she is trained to manage for all types of conditions, and can simplify it into one plan for you.

Lindsay is an RDN, LD, CDCES, CPT. This means that in addition to Megan's qualifications, she is also a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer.

Remember that someone labeled as simply “nutritionist” or “health coach” is NOT trained to help you with Type 2 Diabetes.

How long will it take me to get results?

Our clients have seen huge results within 30 days of beginning the Drop Diabetes Program, with blood sugar drops as significant as 300’s to 100’s consistently within the first month. Every person is different, so some see really big improvements within the first week, and some need a few months to make the changes and see significant results. By adopting the methods and strategies that we personalize to you, you can expect to see a significant A1c drop by your next blood test, BUT the best part is that it’ll be changes that you’re confident you can stick to.

How long is the program?

You get ongoing access to the group and the support! Say goodbye to Googling for health advice. You also have lifetime access to our on-demand course (AND all the updates, for life) so you always have the most reliable information at your fingertips. . That way, you know your results will turn to long-term success.

Will my insurance cover the program? Should I try an insurance program first?

We do not work directly with insurance, through our clients in the Drop Diabetes Program can get partial to full reimbursement from insurance if they send my invoices in (it depends on the company). The place where insurance-based dietitians and programs fall short is that they don't give you a personalized plan or support you through your road to remission, so you’re left on your own to figure out how their advice looks in your life. The real results come from giving you a customized plan, sessions available every week, community, and close support outside of sessions. You can’t find that through an insurance-based program, and THIS is why we see the healthcare system producing very poor results for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Can I get off medications? Is it realistic?

For most people YES, and you can even prevent going on medications in the first place using the Drop Diabetes Method. Many of my clients have reduced or stopped medications within the first month, and many more after their 3-month check-up. Most people who are newly diagnosed when they join the program are able to completely avoid medications. This is always done under the approval of their doctor, and we will never advise on medication doses. Instead, we guide you through the process of when would be a good time to talk to your doctor about medication changes and advocate for yourself effectively.

Are there support groups or counseling available in the program?

Yes, the Drop Diabetes Program provides access to our support group and counseling led by our diabetes educators, to address both the emotional and physical aspects of living with diabetes. We are here for you!

Can I involve my family members in the program?

Drop Diabetes Program encourages involving family members or loved ones for support and education. Involving your family can help create a healthier environment and build a strong support system.

Will it work for me? What if I have other health conditions?

We have clients from 21 years old to 72 years old, people who have pre-diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, and people who were diagnosed within weeks of starting to work with me, or who’ve had diabetes as long as 15-20 years before starting the Drop Diabetes program. We have had people start working with me who have an A1c of 5.8%, and those who have an A1c of 14%, and all levels have seen results. This is a system that is proven to work no matter where you’re at in your diabetes journey or what obstacles you’re facing right now.  Many of my clients also have other health conditions like PCOS, high cholesterol, blood pressure, kidney disease,  high triglycerides, etc. We are trained in Medical Nutrition Therapy, so we are well qualified to simplify it all into one plan for you so you don’t have to juggle any of that anymore.

What happens after I complete the program?

Drop Diabetes Program offers ongoing support and resources even after completion to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue managing your diabetes effectively and reach remission. Unlike diet systems like WW and Noom, Drop Diabetes is designed to empower you to do this on your own confidently. However, ongoing support is here whenever you need it!

Have more questions on whether Drop Diabetes is a good fit for you?

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