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How to choose quality foods to lower blood sugar weight

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

When trying to lower blood sugar and weight, it is easy to think you need to eat less food. Let me tell you why this is not the case!

Foods that are nutrient dense (high in fiber, vitamins, minerals) are also low in calories and the things that pack those calories on - added fat, added sugar. If we choose mostly these high quality foods, we can consume a high volume of food while staying under our calorie goal, and not spiking blood sugar.

Foods that are highly processed and less nutrient dense are high in calories and also don’t fill us up, because they don’t have the nutrients our bodies need. We can’t eat a high volume of them because they are high in calories, fat, and added sugar - which leads to weight gain.

So here is the double edged sword: poor quality foods pack the calories, fat and carbs, but not essential nutrients. You’ll be hungry soon after the meal or snack, because you’re not able to eat very much of them or you’ll go over your calorie goal. You’ll also likely have pretty high blood sugar and feel crappy.

A heaping plate of 400 calories worth of high quality foods is much more satisfying for your body and mind than a skimpy plate of 800 calories worth of low quality foods. Less is not more! Here are a few examples.

Have you ever had a salad at a restaurant that comes on a gigantic plate, and it seems like you can’t make a dent in it? So many vegetables! This is because vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins that often come on salads are very high quality, low calorie foods. So you can eat a ton and feel satisfied, while maintaining good blood sugar and lowering your weight.

Have you ever eaten white toast and cereal for breakfast and been hungry an hour later? That is because these products don’t have the fiber and protein it takes to keep us full. Easy swap: whole grain toast with peanut butter; nutrient dense for long-lasting energy.

Losing weight does not mean you need to be hungry! Most of the time, pick high quality foods that are nutrient dense. Choose poor quality (less nutritious) foods sparingly, but still allow yourself to enjoy indulgences sometimes. To learn more about a sustainable approach to managing blood sugar and weight, check out my free training video here

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