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What To Do About: High Morning and Evening Blood Sugar

Have you been confused about higher blood sugar numbers during your mornings or evenings? It may feel like it doesn’t make any sense. You have spent hours sleeping and not eating, and yet when you check your numbers in the morning they are high. OR you had an amazing day of eating all the “right” foods and your numbers are still high at night.

Why does this happen? And what can you do to lower your morning and evening numbers? Here, you will find some tips on how to avoid high blood sugar levels at these times.

Dawn Phenomenon

So what is Dawn Phenomenon? This occurs in the early morning of your day around 3am to 8am while you are still sleeping. Your body naturally signals the liver to release your hormones (cortisol and catecholamines) that release glucose into the blood. This occurs when your body is preparing for you to wake up.

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar In The Morning

If you are checking your blood sugars every morning or are wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), you know when you are experiencing high blood sugars. It is important also to know what the signs and symptoms of high blood sugars are, which include:

  • Increased thirst

  • Frequent and excessive urination

  • Increased food intake

  • Blurry vision

How To Prevent High Blood Glucose Before Bed?

If you're frustrated about your numbers before bed, here are a few tips that can help you understand and possibly prevent those high numbers before you go to sleep.

  • Go for an 10-30 minute walk after dinner

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day

  • Try to avoid food at least 2 hours before bed

  • Aim for a lower carbohydrate dinner (Make your lunch the carbier meal for the day)

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Sonni Reed
Sonni Reed
Jun 01, 2023

Iam so confused I’ve ask every one to help me and I’ve been trying wing it. I’ve asked my dietitian and my doctor and all they do is keep on giving me the runaround.

Replying to

I know it can be frustrating in the hospitals and clinics because they don't take the time to personalize your care. I am happy to share some guidance here and help! You can sign up for a free 10-minute chat with me here:

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