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Beat Busy Lunchtimes with Type 2 Diabetes

Lunchtime is often the busiest mealtime of the day - sometimes we are rushing around so much that by the time we get to lunch we are STARVING and resort to grabbing what is easiest, or...dare I day...skip it?!

HINT: we do not make good choices when we're hungry! We get desperate, and end up running to fast food or a vending machine, which have foods that contain poor nutrition value.

Maybe some of you out there don't even have access to a microwave warm up leftovers, like construction teams, police officers, and mail personnel.

So, you can see, it is very important to plan for lunch when trying to lower your weight or achieve stable blood sugars.

I get TONS of requests for healthy lunch ideas that we don’t have to cook or heat up.

So here is an easy peasy box for a balanced lunch, that is

✨ easy to prepare, with no cooking involved

😅 quick to eat

😋 delicious and satisfying for an afternoon of fullness and stable blood sugar!


Here's how to make an easy pack lunch!

Pick a protein food + carb food (fruit or grain) + veggie.

Protein options include: tuna or salmon packs, peanut butter, hummus, beans, beef jerky (watch the sodium here).

Carb options include: a serving of 100% whole grain crackers, 1 C fruit (pick fruits that you don't have to peel or cut, like apples, pears, peaches, grapes. For more wholesome carbohydrate options, check out this post.

Veggie options include: carrots, sliced bell peppers, broccoli and cauliflower, celery, salad with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, etc.

Pack it together the night before, no cooking involved - and you've got yourself a healthy, balanced lunch that nourishes you while sticking to your calorie and carbohydrate goals.

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