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Controlling Diabetes: What it takes

This time of year probably has you thinking about your 2021 health goals. You may be wondering what it takes to actually make those goals REALITY.

The truth is, you can make ANY goal a reality by following through. What does it take to get you from HERE to THERE? Well, a few things! Let me break it down for you in 3 phases.

  1. Understanding

  2. Implementing

  3. Consistency and accountability

Gain a clear understanding of how diabetes is working in your body, how different foods and nutrients affect your blood sugar, and how to control it. Fill your knowledge bank by seeking trusted sources and getting proven advice. But it isn't enough to KNOW things, you also have to know HOW TO implement them. Implementing this knowledge into real life (and adapting things into your personal lifestyle) is the key to lowering your A1c. It takes finding what works for you personally, and creating a plan you can stick to. Which brings me to the third important phase which is consistency. Once you have the knowledge about controlling diabetes and have implemented this into your day-to-day, you can continue with a sustainable plan. This is the real test, living a truly healthy lifestyle. This takes accountability and support, as well as a thorough understanding of diabetes and how to implement that knowledge and control it (AKA the first 2 phases). There are no short cuts here! You need to work your way through these 3 steps to make LASTING improvements in your health. Don't settle for temporary benefits from short term diet plans and drastic changes. What is your New Year's resolution? Let me know by commenting here!

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