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Diabetes friendly snacks that will keep your blood sugar steady

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Every day, I get questions about diabetes friendly snacks. Snacking is helpful if you get hungry or tend to have a low blood sugar midday, and finding the right foods to turn to is key. Remember that everyone is different and can handle a different amount of carbohydrate - pick your snacks accordingly. 

If you want EVEN more snack ideas, watch this video from my instagram.

Guidelines for healthy snacks:

  • 10-20 grams of carbohydrate (keeps your BG steady between meals)

  • 2-3 grams of fiber or more (slows and aids digestion, keeps BG stable)

  • 6 grams or more of protein (keeps you full longer and sustains BG)

  • Easily accessible wherever you are (office, car, etc) so you don’t go running for the vending machine.

  • Mostly whole foods without much added salt, fat, or sugar.

I am going to share with you a "formula" that never fails to give you a satisfying, filling, and blood sugar stabilizing snack.

My snack formula:

Protein + Fiber (veggie/fruit/grain)

Here are some ideas from each category (not an all-inclusive list, but should get you started). Mix and match one protein with one or two fiber foods (grains, fruits, veggies)  to get a HEALTHY and SATISFYING snack every time!


Protein Foods



Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios)

Nut butter

Cheese sticks

Cheese slices

Greek yogurt (non-fat, plain - you can add fruit)



Low sodium beef jerky


Roasted chickpeas

Fiber Foods











Red pepper slices


Carrot sticks



Snap peas



Popcorn (plain or lightly flavored)

Whole grain English muffin

Whole grain crackers

6-inch whole grain tortilla

Granola bar (w/ <10g sugar)


Eat the appropriate amount of food

Having the proper portion size is crucial! For example, 1 C of fresh fruit is nutritious and will keep your blood sugar stable while providing essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber; whereas a huge bowl with 3 C of fresh fruit may spike your blood sugar. It is important to note that even highly nutritious foods can be detrimental in EXCESS. For this reason, I have addressed proper portion sizes in the guide below.

Basic Serving Size Guide

Fruits: 1 C fresh, 1 medium piece, ½ C small berries, ¼ C dried, ½ banana

Non-starchy Veggies: 1 C raw, ½ C cooked

Starchy Veggies: ½ C

Cheese: 2 oz

Dips: 2 Tbsp

Nuts: ¼ C

Grains: 1 oz, 1 slice bread

Yogurt: ½ C

Milk: 1 C


Planning your snacks

A little pre-planning goes a long way! Be sure to pick a few snack foods that you’ll eat throughout the week, and add them to your grocery list weekly. Pack them along each day in your car, office, bag, or wherever it is easily accessible. This will take away the spur of the moment runs to fast food, gas stations, or the vending machine. HINT: you will rarely find a healthy snack there.

Are you feeling good about picking out healthy, affordable, and easy grab-n-go snacks? Here are some examples to help you out! Feel free to comment below with questions about other healthy snack options.


Examples of healthy snacks

Apple and almonds

Popcorn and walnuts

Hummus and veggies (red pepper, celery, snap peas)

Apple with peanut butter

Greek yogurt with raspberries, cinnamon, and sprinkled almonds

Serving of fruit with 2 cheese sticks


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Stephanie Anderson
Stephanie Anderson
Aug 11, 2023

Love these articles- You have made it very simple

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