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Meals and Snacks for Busy People with Type 2

A short time planning goes a long way when it comes to busy days. Whether you’re road tripping, driving for work, or hauling the kids back and forth, here are some foods that you can bring along for the trip.

Packing nutrition snacks and meals for your day will help you avoid hungry thoughts:

  • Ugh I’m hungry, but what do I eat?

  • Where can I go to get something that isn’t loaded with carbs?

  • What can I choose at a truck stop??

The following snack ideas will put a stop to vending machine and fast food visits, leaving you with a better blood sugar, weight, overall health…and your wallet will thank you, too.

Tips for packing healthy snacking on the go

Easy to use foods

Things like cottage cheese and yogurt are difficult to eat in the car, and anything that needs to be warmed up requires a spot with a microwave. So pick things that match your level of “busy” or your type of day-to-day activities.

  • Do you drive a lot?

  • Do you have a back-to-back meeting schedule that prevents you from going to the break room to use the microwave?

Choose foods accordingly for ease, and be realistic. If you bring leftovers, knowing that you likely won’t warm them up - then it’s not a great plan. See my next point to help you out with this.

Meet your needs and plan ahead of time for success

Look at your schedule a week out. Spending 10 minutes thinking it through ahead of time, will save you time in the future AND set you up for a healthy eating pattern all week!

Check your upcoming schedule for a few things:

  • Do you have an extra busy day at work? Bring an easy lunch like this easy wrap lunchbox so that you’re prepared to eat quickly if necessary.

  • Do you have a hectic evening of running errands or bringing kids places? Plan a crockpot meal that night, that you can throw in before you leave for work so that dinner is a breeze. Try an easy recipe like a stir fry, and cut the veggies and protein up the evening before to make it quick. Put a “staples” meal on the menu that night, such as frozen grilled chicken, fresh or frozen steamed green beans, and whole wheat garlic toast. You’ll create this nutritious meal in less than 10 minutes with a microwave and a toaster.

  • Do you have a day of extra travel? Pack easy to eat snacks that will be quick to access and eat when you’re hungry on the commute.

  • Do you have a day of extra travel? Pack easy to eat snacks that will be quick to access and eat when you’re hungry on the commute.

  • Is your schedule constantly changing? Plan multiple easy quick meals and be flexible with which nights you cook them. Add snacks from the list at the end of this article to your grocery list each week to make sure you always have healthy snacks available if you’re on the run.

Portion out ahead of time

When you’re hungry, it’s hard to make good decisions. Eating at regular times, and having your meals and snacks planned is important for avoiding poor food choices. By giving yourself a proper portion of each nutritious food you bring, you’ll ensure that you don’t overindulge, only to realize later that you feel too stuffed.

NOTE: Make sure you are realistic and give yourself ENOUGH food! Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. (Restricting yourself too much leads to cravings). If you are still hungry between meals and snacks, you likely need more food. Pick wholesome, nourishing foods that will keep you satisfied and full.

With no further ado, here is a list of easy snacks for pack for busy days.

Remember: Pairing a protein + carbohydrate = a winning combo for blood sugar, weight management, satisfaction, and overall health!

  • Hummus and carrots or celery

  • Cheese sticks

  • Whole fruits that don’t need to be peeled (apple, grapes, berries)

  • Trail mix

  • Protein bars

  • Tuna packs with whole wheat crackers

  • Nuts

  • Cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes

  • Yogurt (choose one with minimal added sugar OR choose plan non-fat and add your own fruit)

  • PB and celery

  • Hard boiled egg

  • Popcorn (portion out ahead of time)

  • Protein balls

  • Guacamole (make ahead and dip sliced red peppers)

  • Dried fruit

  • And most importantly…a water bottle!

Want more info on healthy snacking? Check out this blog post for more ideas.

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